Double Dime Day

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Today marks an important historical event for all who have an interest in Chinese history. It’s known as 雙十節, literally “double ten festival”, and marks the beginning of the ultimately successful revolution in 1911 that overthrew China’s last imperial dynasty. It’s also known as the National Day of Taiwan, R.O.C.

Much more importantly, I pronounce today as Crunch’s birthday because it’s the day on which Crunch became functionally complete. This evening, I installed the handlebar grips, seat post, saddle, and pedals. I even took Crunch on its first ride ever, intending to bed-in the brake pads and rotors. Alas, droplets of rain drove me back home because I didn’t want water to tarnish the bed-in process, which according to some is exquisitely sensitive.

Happy zeroth birthday, Crunch!

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