Crunch Build: Progress Report One

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My rate of progress hardly impresses, but I have some reasonable excuses. First, I have only an hour or two for bike building in the evening, and not every evening is free. Second, I completed the two things that I’d never done before: installing the bottom bracket & cranks, and pushing in headset cups. I was a bit anxious about these maiden undertakings, and it’s a great relief to have them completed! The other steps in this post are all ones I’ve done before, but not in many years, so they took me awhile too.

Bottom bracket and cranks installed (sadly, I forgot to take a photo of the bottom bracket)
Crown race set (thanks to RJ the Bike Guy and Clint Gibbs)
Top and bottom headset cups installed (done the Sheldon Brown way)
Star fangled nut installed (thanks RJ the Bike Guy)
Spacers, stem, fork, and handlebars installed. Note the absurd spacer stack. I’m keeping the steerer uncut for the stem height discovery process.

I mentioned a few resources in the captions. Here they are:

One note about installing the headset cups: I previously held RJ the Bike Guy to be a paragon of Youtube bike mechanic excellence. But he’s human after all, I discovered after trying to follow his video on the DIY headset cup press. I found it nearly impossible to apply pressure evenly so as to press the cups orthogonally into the headtube. Eventually, I re-read Sheldon Brown’s headset page, and also found this excellent video demonstrating Sheldon’s method. Lesson re-learned: Sheldon Brown is the one true keeper of the Word.

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