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Great blue heron - Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve

Great blue heron – Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve

This week I’ve spent about 5X my allocated blogging time on adjusting the layout and troubleshooting.  Here are some lessons learned for readers who are even less versed in WordPress than I am.

  1. Next time WordPress asks you to update to the latest version, DO NOT do it until AFTER your plug-ins are confirmed to work with it.
  2. Meta Slider, the most popular slideshow plugin for WordPress, is buggy and stopped working after the latest WordPress update.  I’ve switched to Smart Slider 3, which is more customizable and more stable than Meta Slider.
  3. FeedBurner is dead.  Google acquired it a few years ago and buried it.  MailChimp is now a favorite among bloggers for sending updates to subscribers, but the fatal flaw is that it requires a physical mailing address and shares that address with all subscribers, pursuant to the CAN-SPAM act.  Wordpress Jetpack may be a decent alternative, but I haven’t set it up yet.
  4. If you use the Optimizer theme for WordPress, the only way to change the background color for your “recent posts” section is to use Optimizer’s included “Posts Widget” located under “Front Page Widgets”.
  5. Other than the slight inconvenience described in the previous point, the Optimizer theme is really powerful and easy to customize.  I’m a fan.

Please leave a coomment if you have any suggestions for the layout or color scheme, or if anything’s not working as it should!  Thanks!




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