Wretched Hive Tour – Episode I


Welcome to our hovel.

Welcome to our hovel.

Welcome to our humble and wretched hive of villainy!

Here’s the walk-through you’ve been waiting for!

Welcome to our hovel

2 Responses to “Wretched Hive Tour – Episode I

  • Kevin H
    4 years ago

    Dude that place is hideous in its current condition, but I look forward to seeing the improvements. By all means you should leave the shroud of Turin room untouched though. – Kev

    • Yah, the weird thing is that I really liked the place when I first saw it and thought that I could move in without doing too much work to it. More than a year later, the renovations are still incomplete… The Shroud of Turin is a world heritage artifact, no way I would touch that.

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