Still Chasing Mirages


A new incarnation of this blog has finally clawed its way through the birthing canal, a sticky, bloody, steaming mess.

I am no longer a nomad.  I’ve taken the plunge and bought a house convinced a generous sponsor to buy a house for me to re-shape as I see fit.  It’s a duplex, so we can live in one unit and pay the mortgage by renting out the other.  And it’s a total wreck.  Originally, the plan was to repair, replace, and upgrade.  But the estimate for that simple job came in so high that I decided to spend a little more money to completely redesign one unit and squeeze every drop of utility out of its 550 square feet.  That qualifies as a tiny home, right?  Fine, it’s on the larger end of a tiny home if it fits the category at all.  A wannabe tiny home squatter.  Could I be more pathetic?

Though I had never expected to own a house or have the opportunity to renovate one in this lifetime, I have paradoxically dreamt of doing a few things if I were ever in that position:

  1. Installing a squat toilet and hanging a sign outside the main bathroom stating : “Westerners and physically impaired, please use other toilet.”
  2. Making space for a grand piano.
  3. Decking out a small house with high-quality, built-for-a-lifetime fixtures and finishes.
  4. Off-the-grid, zero net energy, zero waste (e.g., rainwater collection, passive solar heating, solar pv, greywater reuse, compost, garden, Clivus multrum)
  5. Chickens.

So here we are, Chasing Mirages yet again.

I admit that, as always, I am way behind on blogging and the project is already well on its way.  You’ll have to imagine the excitement of being in the moment, with the exception of a few sub-projects I’ll write about in real-time because we’re in the middle of doing them ourselves.

The first real post would be a blueballer if it didn’t include an actual image of the house, so here you go.

Things to note: (1) backyard covered by concrete slab, perfect for breeding pitbulls; (2) burglar bars

If you see anything else interesting, please comment below!


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