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Jinghong, Yunnan – the most pleasant big city in China

by on Feb.22, 2012, under Posts

As you may have heard, housing prices in China have exploded over the last few years.  Why someone would pay over $500USD per square foot (the price for a mid-range condo not located TOO far from downtown) for a 70-year lease (private land ownership does not exist in China) in crowded, polluted Beijing when a townhouse in California’s wine country can be had for just over $100USD per square foot is beyond me.  Or, if you want to spend the money, check out this beauty in San Francisco’s Mission District for $570 per square foot.

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Southwestern Adventure 江河行 2010: Episode Two

by on Jan.04, 2011, under Posts

As promised, I present you with Episode Two.

Here is a Google map of the approximate route on which these pictures were taken.

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Xiaowan Hydropower Plant

by on Nov.30, 2010, under Posts

Need to hit the road soon, so can’t write much.  The least I can do is give you some pictures from yesterday, when we visited the Xiaowan dam and hydropower plant, completed earlier this year on the Lancang River (better known as the mighty Mekong).  At 292 meters, nearly the height of the Eiffel Tower (300 meters), it is the world’s tallest arch dam.

Here’s a picture from the reservoir side:

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