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Logging of Primary Forests in Peninsular Malaysia

by on Nov.06, 2011, under Posts

On the way back to Penang from Kuala Besut (the gateway to the Perhentian Islands), I noticed these logging trucks when we stopped for gas.  I was a little bit nervous about taking these pics because there were a bunch of dudes standing near the first truck watching me suspiciously, and I had a feeling that this logging activity wasn’t entirely legal.

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Perhentian Islands, Malaysia – paradise slipping away

by on Nov.06, 2011, under Posts

Whew, I’m back online after an eye-opening trip along the Dongjiang (東江) river, a primary tributary of the Pearl River (珠江) in Guangdong Province, China.

Dongjiang provides about 80% of Hong Kong’s water supply, as well as much of the water for important cities in Guangdong such as Shenzhen and Guangzhou.  Human activities such as mining, garbage disposal, municipal and industrial sewage disposal, damming, and agriculture are all contributing to the deterioration of Dongjiang’s ecological health and water quality.  I digress.  More on Dongjiang in future posts.  For now, back to Malaysia!

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Perhentian Islands, Malaysia – under the sea!

by on Oct.20, 2011, under Quickies

Biodiversity, an absolute good.  Maybe I am religious, after all.

Click on the picture for a full-sized version.

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Mulu National Park, Malaysia – is nomadic hunting-gathering in our future?

by on Oct.09, 2011, under Posts

the mouth of deer cave contains a forest

Note: Please read this previous post for information about rampant deforestation in Sarawak.

Mulu National Park is in Sarawak State on Borneo Island.  It’s well known for its breathtakingly gigantic limestone caves, of which Deer Cave is in competition for the largest cave passage in the world.  If you’ve seen BBC’s epic nature documentary Planet Earth, you may remember a scene showing millions of bats streaming out of an enormous cave in a seemingly endless ribbon.  I was there!

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World’s Longest Rainforest Canopy Walk

by on Oct.05, 2011, under Posts

Extending 480 meters, Mulu National Park’s rainforest canopy trail is claimed to be the world’s longest.  The trail is a series of rope and wood bridges suspended among a number of treehouse-like platforms built about 20 meters above the forest floor.  From the trail,  all of the layers of the primary rainforest are visible.  It’s an enjoyable, low-impact way to see the rainforest from a different perspective.

Warning: the mildly acrophobic may feel an oddly (un)pleasant tingly feeling in the ass region when looking down from the trail.

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