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Southwestern Adventure 江河行 2010: Episode Three

by on Jan.09, 2011, under Posts

Here’s the third episode of the Southwestern Adventure.

Click here for a Google map showing the route on which these pictures were taken.

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  • HHH

    This is a very pretty flower. I have never seen one like this before. There is also a nice blue sky in the back.

  • beto

    wow — that area looks really beautiful (and much cleaner than the cities). Do they have skiing out there?

    Do the farmers understand that their land is going to be submerged? Where will they go? Are they protesting (…or have they given up)?

    • Chaser

      I don’t think there is skiing in this area.

      There are NGOs trying to tell the locals that their land is in danger. One effective activity has been bringing farmers who still have their land to visit the migrant communities where people were moved after their land was submerged. There have been protests, including a major peaceful sit-in at a construction site of the Hanyuan dam site in 2004, but these events receive almost no media coverage and generally do not prevent projects from going forward. Local authorities are not afraid to use force, and most farmers are not brave enough to face potential violence. Though the central government may have some desire to do things right, the entrenched interests are just too strong. Unbridled, unconsidered development will continue at a breakneck pace and it will not stop until everything is already destroyed. The most that displaced farmers can realistically fight for is slightly more generous compensation.

  • LS

    Thank god you are alive! Didn’t hear from you since last year (haha) and started to wonder where, what, when, who, etc. etc….

    Done my brief. Sent a few emails and sms to the group including you, got them?

    Will be in BJ next week or the one after, you there? Any luck gathering YY’s books?

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